Fission - Tom Weston 3.5/5 stars."Fission" is the story of a real person, Lise Meitner. She is the physicist who actually discovered the principle of fission, although her partner was given credit for it, up to and including receipt of the Nobel Prize.Weston's story telling is sometimes a little dry, but the characters he developed were quite good. The last third of the book was, in my opinion, more interesting. It is at that point in her life that Meitner is being hounded by the Nazis because of her Jewish heritage (Meitner was a Christian).There were also some bothersome formatting issues, but I cannot be sure whether they were related to the book itself or to my eReader; when Weston was quoting historical documents, the material was only on the right-hand side of the page.The book is clearly well-researched and Weston is passionate about his subject matter. Those interested in the history of physics and World War II are sure to enjoy this book.