French Twist: An American Mom's Experiment in Parisian Parenting

French Twist: An American Mom's Experiment in Parisian Parenting - Catherine Crawford Catherine Crawford's "French Twist" should be read by all new parents. Why? Because here in the U.S., we are raising a crop of brats.There, I said it. Just yesterday, I watched a mother *negotiating* with her toddlers about why they should not ride their tiny bikes abreast on the sidewalk that they were blocking for passers-by. It was quite clear that the mother was not in charge of the process.We just got back from a visit to Paris. It was during spring break from schools, and we did not see French children behaving like brats. Why? Because such behavior is not tolerated. The parents are les chefs ... the chiefs. They are in charge.Crawford's memoir talks about how she decided to undo some of the lousy parenting she and her husband had allowed to creep in with their two daughters. Crawford is a Park Slope mom, which means that she has seen (and done) a lot of hipster parenting -- by her own admission. A self-admitted Francophile, Crawford noticed that her friends' kids did not run the show, act up, etc., the way hers did -- and she decided to find out why.From simple advice like not rewarding kids with gushing praise and prizes for minimal normal behavior (like not complaining when they don't get their way) to not making a second meal for the child if he or she complains that they "hate" what's on the table (dinner has been served, there are no other choices), Crawford lays down what should feel like common sense advice but is probably seen as fairly radical by today's helicopter "buddy"-type parents.I really hope that more parents read and heed the advice in this book; I guarantee that far fewer adults (and even well-mannered children) would cringe when kids entered restaurants, etc., if it were the case.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)