His Majesty's Hope: A Maggie Hope Mystery

His Majesty's Hope - Susan Elia MacNeal Susan Elia MacNeal's Maggie Hope is rapidly becoming one of my favorite protagonists. "His Majesty's Hope" is the third book to feature her, and I've read them all avidly.In this outing, MI-5 parachutes Maggie into Nazi Germany to help the resistance. She's supposed to drop off materials, place a radio transmitter -- and get out. But the code-breaking mathematician decides she needs to do more than that when she learns about the first stages of Hitler's so-called "final solution."MacNeal has clearly researched the era about which she writes (and thanks her advisers accordingly at the end), and brings us into WWII-era Germany and England with rich details about food (and rationing), fashion (and rationing), social expectations/etiquette and even medical practices.Those who enjoy historical fiction and cozy mysteries are sure to enjoy the Maggie Hope books. Highly recommended.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)