The Seahawk's Sanctuary

The Seahawk's Sanctuary - Lynne Marie "The Seahawk's Sanctuary" starts off with a bang: Pirate captain Grant Hawthorne finds Victoria Barlow chained to a bed in the captain's quarters of a ship he raids ... and the captain dead with a knife in his back. He decides to take Victoria as part of the booty, and she disguises herself as a boy.Somehow, this fools some of the shipmates, although others are a bit wiser. And so, they all head back to the colonies (Grant lives in Charles Town) with the goodies.Of course, it turns out that both Victoria and Grant are well-to-do in their own right ... but each also has some secrets that must be kept.Overall, it was an entertaining romance. There were some scenes that were not for the under-18 set, which was fine with me. The story does deal with slavery, and at some points in the tale the interactions between Grant, Victoria and the slaves seemed unlikely to me based on history ... but they were not implausible.There were only two incidences of anachronistic dialogue ("okay" was used twice, which has become a peeve of mine in historical fiction set before the 19th C., when the term came into use). To the author's credit, when I commented on the first incident in one of my status updates, she contacted me immediately to thank me for seeing it and said it would be corrected in the eBook edition. This kind of concern for detail is greatly appreciated.