Sister of My Heart

Sister of My Heart - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Sudha and Anju are cousins who are as close as sisters. They live in a house with the women they call their three mothers: their two biological mothers and an aunt. The family is one of the most privileged in Calcutta, until Sudha's father runs off with Anju's father in pursuit of a get-rich-quick scheme and both men die.Throughout the book, we learn a great deal about traditional women's roles in India, as well as how both girls chafe under them. Sudha wants to marry for love; Anju wants to go to college. Both girls are expected to make traditionally arranged marriages in order to keep the family's name elevated, though, and we watch as they struggle through meeting everyone's expectations whilst still trying to stay true to themselves.Chapters alternate between Sudha and Anju's point of view, told in first-person. The author puts us right in the room with the characters as they work through issues both large and small.All of the characters are well-drawn and interesting. There is more to all of them, even the servants, than initially meets the eye. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and will look forward to reading more by this author.