The Unofficial Guide: The Color Companion to Walt Disney World (Unofficial Guides)

The Unofficial Guide The Color Companion to Walt Disney World - Bob Sehlinger, Menasha Ridge, Len Testa In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that I've been a fan of the Unofficial Guides since I was first introduced to them in 1995. These books are complete and thorough, and the authors are beholden to no one (in fact, the places the authors visit don't even know they're travel writers).So, with the gushing out of the way, I can wholeheartedly recommend "The Color Companion" as an adjunct to the so-called Big Book ("The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World"). If you are a first-time visitor to WDW, the Big Book is a must in terms of preparation. If you want a smaller book to take with you, this one will fill the bill. Ditto if you're an experienced visitor to the World and know what you're in for.This is a quick overview of every attraction, lodging property and dining establishment at WDW, with color photographs. The in-depth information about each attraction is greatly decreased in favor of some images. (Look for the "Pinocchio Pages" in this book for some tongue-in-cheek fun as well.)This is also a great book for reliving memories of previous trips and seeing what has changed in the interim. Highly enjoyable.