Destroying Angel (Righteous Series #5)

Destroying Angel - Michael  Wallace This is the fifth of Michael Wallace's Blister Creek "Righteous" series, and the third I have read. In this entry, reluctant Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saint Jacob Christianson has been named prophet in the wake of his father's death. He no longer believes in the teachings with which he was raised, but has been brought home to the FLDS compound in the wake of a series of murders by a rival FLDS sect led by the Kimball family.Christianson has been given his great-great-grandmother's diaries to read by a woman who is now living in GGGrandma's little cottage (she found them in the floorboards) and getting a different perspective on the early days of the church -- and the paranoid schizophrenia that runs rampant through the Kimball family.This has implications for his own life in two ways: his eldest child was born in the Kimball family and was adopted by him ... and the Kimball family scion, Taylor Junior, is determined to have revenge on the Christianson family for wrongs imagined and real.The author not only puts us into the middle of the action, but also demonstrates the dangers of fundamentalism in very concrete ways. Women kept isolated and undereducated, men told that they have the power to do whatever they choose ... there are other examples. Some of the characters feel like they could have been torn right out of the headlines about the Warren Jeffs cult group.This series is a fascinating look at both the dark side of religion and the challenges faced by those who try to walk away. Highly recommended.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)