Maestro: A Little Story about Leading by Listening

Maestro: A Surprising Story About Leading by Listening - Roger Nierenberg, Oliver Wyman This was a very different take on leadership, and one that I wish more companies would consider.The first-person narrator goes to visit an orchestra and, during the visit, starts to see things that the maestro/conductor does that might be helpful to him as a C-level officer. He gets some things wrong, of course, which allows for more opportunities to get it right.The main "take away message" is the importance of getting everyone in on the maestro's vision instead of taking the sort of top-down "as from 10 AM today, this is your new behavior" approach with which most of us are far too familiar.Nierenberg uses the orchestra as a metaphor for business in a way that resonates with me not only as a professional but as a musician. There are ways to apply the material in this book at all levels. Highly recommended.