The Highest Destiny

The Highest Destiny - Dolores A. McCabe 4.5/5 stars."The Highest Destiny" is the story of would-be Druid priestess Daneh and her relationships with two very different Roman men. The first, Corbulo, is a soldier; she becomes his mistress and bears him three children. It is through Corbulo that Daneh comes to Rome from Britain.It is there that Daneh meets the advocate (lawyer) Marcellus, whom she marries. Marcellus is known for having such dedication to the Law (capitalized by the author at all times) that he is able to win theoretically impossible cases with his presentations to the Emperor.This becomes important when Daneh hears Paul of Tarsus speaking in the Jewish Quarter while she is purchasing some cloth. She is interested in Paul's ideas about the law and has her servant write down some of the teachings so that Marcellus may read them later. While the book is presented as both historical and Christian fiction, it is only Christian fiction by reference and not by preaching.The novel is written in semi-epistolary form; part of the time it is in narrative. The format works nicely in this case. There were a couple of homophone problems, which are a huge peeve for me (e.g., using "flaunt" where "flout" would have been appropriate), but not so many that it became an enormous distraction. I found myself looking up a couple of historical details for my own recollection when I was uncertain about something, and found sources that matched the author's narrative.Nicely done.