Great Expectations

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens, Radhika Jones After reading Simon Callow's excellent [b:Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World|13392635|Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World|Simon Callow||18623780], I decided that I needed to read more of Mr. Dickens' works. Despite knowing the basic story lines of the tales, I did not have much exposure at school.This is the story of Pip, a young fellow from the Fen country, who comes unexpectedly into some money. He believes it to have come from the eccentric Miss Havisham, for the purpose of preparing him to marry her ward (Estella).This is not, of course, quite how the tale goes. Pip goes up to London as a result of his great expectations and finds himself involved in all manner of scrapes and adventures -- including dealing with escaped convicts periodically throughout the book.I was pleasantly surprised at the delightful pacing and characterization in this book; it did not fit my memory of school days at all. I think that perhaps it takes more maturity and life experience to appreciate Mr. Dickens' social commentary than the average high schooler possesses.All in all, an excellent read and an outstanding classic.