Dodger - Terry Pratchett "Dodger" is something of a departure for Terry Pratchett. This is not his typical, pun-laden Discworld novel. Instead, it's a different look at a classic Dickens character.Pratchett brings in historical figures like Angela Burdett-Coutts, Henry Mayhew, Sir Robert Peel and, yes, Charles Dickens himself to populate the story with historical accuracy and create a picture of early Victorian London.In this tale, Dodger stops a bunch of men from beating up a young woman -- who is more than what she seems to be at first glance. Of course, so is Dodger. While he makes a living as a "tosher" (think mudlark of the sewers), he aspires to more. Dodger is an unlikely hero in more ways than one. The book is entertaining, containing some elements of fantasy, but also shows something of the seamy underbelly of London that Messrs. Dickens and Mayhew sought to reveal with their writings.Dickens fans will find much to enjoy in this tale.