Stargazer: A rock satire, Book I

Stargazer: A rock satire, Book I - Ricardo Jasso Moedano,  Ehécatl Ugalde G. Ricardo Moedano's "Stargazer" is an entertaining look at heavy metal fandom. While that particular music has never been my preferred genre, the parallels between Moedano's characters and any other music fandom are apt.Moedano's protagonist, Adrian Flodden, is a metal fan, sci-fi columnist and disc jockey with more lady friend problems than he needs (to say the least). He's got women with crushes on him, and vice versa. He's trying to avoid running afoul of one lady friend's husband (a man with a propensity for violence) ... all while trying to stay entertained at the local club and by listening to music.Chapter titles are based on albums or songs (Moedano provides a discography at the end of the book) and seem to fit well.The book was translated from Spanish, so there are some occasional grammar gaffes. However, for the most part I found it entertaining. The vocabulary and pacing reminded me (in a positive way) of the Beat-era novel, [b:Absolute Beginners|372556|Absolute Beginners|Colin MacInnes||3110964] by Colin MacInnes.Heavy metal admirers and fans of rock fiction will like this book.