Bestseller Bound Anthology (Volume 4)

Bestseller Bound Anthology (Volume 4) - Gareth Lewis, Magnolia Belle, Maria Savva, Susan Helene Gottfried, Sharon E. Cathcart, Darcia Helle, Jaleta Clegg, Sydney S. Song, Jill Warren, James Briar Disclosure: this anthology contains one of my short stories. My review refers to the other tales, as I recuse myself from reviewing my own work.One of the things I love about the Bestseller Bound anthologies (and I have read all of them) is that they are consistently high-quality. Across all genres, from hard sci-fi to fantasy to historical fiction to literary fiction: you name it. This group of independent authors puts out some of the finest writing you'll ever see.There were three standouts for me in this outing: Magnolia Belle's "Pinkberry Squirrels" was a humorous frontier tale. Susan Helene Gottfried's poignant "The Ghost of The Dresser" was a story of dreams and life changes. Jill Warren's "The Very Useful Milkweed" was a lovely story about overcoming prejudice.This book is a free download that will introduce readers to some outstanding authors. Highly recommended.