Equal of the Sun

Equal of the Sun - Anita Amirrezvani I first heard of this book when I attended a presentation at which the author spoke. I was fascinated by the woman she described: Pari Khan Khanoum was a princess of the Persian empire during the 16th Century. A contemporary of Elizabeth I, she was likewise well educated, intelligent -- and ambitious."Equal of the Sun" is told through the eyes of Pari Khan's fictional vizier, a eunuch called Javaher. Through his words, we learn of the politics, religion and intrigue of the Persian court under the Safavi dynasty.The book was entertaining, well-written and well-researched. I found myself wanting to put aside other duties in order to read more about the fascinating characters, factions and situations described by the author!I think that many readers in today's environment of Islamophobia would find themselves surprised and better educated about the faith as a result of reading this book. Historical fiction can often be a gateway to better understanding, and this book is no exception.