Disney at Dawn (Kingdom Keepers)

Disney at Dawn - Ridley Pearson "Disney at Dawn" is the second of Ridley Pearson's clever Kingdom Keepers series. In this outing the Disney Host Interactive (DHI) kids are participating in a celebration at Orlando's Magic Kingdom when they start noticing animals in the park. Animals belong at Animal Kingdom, of course ... and that's the beginning of the troubles.It seems that the Overtakers, a crew of Disney villains from the first book, have a new plan for taking over the parks ... and it involves the animals.The next thing that happens is that one of the kids' friends, Jez, disappears. Fortunately, she's left behind her diary -- which is filled with drawings of things that start to happen to the kids. With the diary now understood as a series of potential clues, the kids go looking for their friend and take on the Overtakers once again.I enjoyed this book, which is aimed at the 'tween set. It will only make sense if the first book has already been read; it appears that the series must be read in order rather than as stand-alones.