Feels Like the First Time: A True Love Story

Feels Like the First Time - Shawn Inmon Shawn Inmon's "Feels Like the First Time" inspired laughter and tears alike as I read. Having grown up in a very small town myself, I related to many of the situations (and yes, challenges) that come with an environment where everyone knows everyone and tends to get into your business.Inmon tells the story of his growing affection for the literal girl next door, Dawn, and how their relationship develops. At one point, her parents demand that he never see her again -- and he doesn't, for thirty years. The book begins with him walking away from Dawn, as directed -- and then he tells the tale of their relationship and what happened when they accidentally found one another again.Each chapter head is a song title, which lends even more to the nostalgia (the book takes place in the late 1970s). I remembered each and every song and found that some memories of my own were triggered by the music. As a result, Inmon not only put me directly into his world but allowed me to relate it to where I was at the time of the events. Dawn and I were the same age at the time this book took place, and (like her) I had strict parents. I found myself chafed on her behalf as I remembered similar situations from my own life!This is a true love story, one with drama and delight in equal measure. Highly recommended.