What Remains of Heaven: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery, Book 5

What Remains of Heaven - C.S. Harris I'm reading the entire series of St. Cyr novels, because they are so well-researched and entertaining. This one is #5, and focuses around the murders of clergymen ... and one clergyman's brother.St. Cyr is asked to help with the investigation by his elderly aunt, who is a friend of the second victim's family (the first victim was found in the same location as the second, having been murdered some 30 years previously).This is a complicated tale involving family secrets old and new. St. Cyr's own family secrets continue to be revealed ... along with those of Miss Hero Jarvis, who is trying desperately to hide a brand-new secret from St. Cyr.Unfortunately, it is far too easy to deliver spoilers in saying too much about the plot. The book is a delightful Regency-period mystery filled with well-rounded characters and a swoon-inducing protagonist. Highly recommend for fans of the genre.