The Successful Author's Handbook

The Successful Author's Handbook - Patricia L. Fry "The Successful Author's Handbook" is one of the best primers I've seen on the publishing industry. Covering everything from book proposals to public speaking, Patricia L. Fry presents numerous good ideas for improving one's authorial success.While the book feels as though it is primarily aimed at the non-fiction author, novelists will find some great advice specifically aimed at them. Fry even discusses information pertinent to poets.Each short chapter (I think the longest was three pages) comprises a single subject. It's easy to read, digest and decide if you're ready to implement ... along with some how-to information for when the time comes.Fry's style is friendly but informative. I would recommend this book to both aspiring and published authors; there is sure to be something new in it for you. There was for me.Disclosure: I selected this book as my gift when I joined the Small Publishers, Authors and Writers Network (, of which Fry is executive director. I think I chose well.