Olive Park

Olive Park - C.J. Booth This book came to my attention during the Global eBook Awards; frankly, it's easy to see why it took top honors in its category.Stan Wyld and Jake Steiner, along with assistant Mallory Dimante, comprise Sacramento's new "Ongoing Investigations Division," aka the cold case team. Their first assignment is the so-called Olive Park case, with its three young victims. The case has been cold for 15 years, but new techniques and information may allow for a break.Jake is not present for much of the book, being sidelined by an injury. So, we see a great deal of old-timer Stan dealing with young computer expert Mallory, whose skills at connecting the dots in new and previously unconsidered ways lead to the first new clue.The subplot involves a young man and his sister, sent to live with an aunt in the aftermath of their parents' deaths. The tales do come together eventually, but not necessarily in the way you might think.The characters are realistic and the situations believable. At no point did I find myself wondering why a given character took a given action. Furthermore, when the 'whodunnit' was revealed, I was surprised. I read a good many mysteries and it's hard to get one past me."Olive Park" is a well-constructed police procedural *and* mystery. The author has clearly done his research on modern forensics, and has created a tight, entertaining tale. Those who enjoy the genres to be found here are sure to like C.J. Booth's work.