Pollyana by Eleanor Hodgman Porter

Pollyana - Eleanor H. Porter "Pollyanna" is a very sweet book about an 11-year-old orphan girl (Pollyanna) who comes to live with her grumpy Aunt Polly. Accustomed to living only on what comes in the mission barrels, Pollyanna has made a game of finding something to be glad about in anything.Before long, she has managed to meet just about every cranky person in town and taught them what she calls the Glad Game ... and they are all learning to find the proverbial silver lining in every cloud.Because of her kindness, when tragedy strikes the little girl, the entire town rallies to help her ... and, of course, the problem is eventually resolved.While this may seem like a cliched tale, there is certainly something to learn from the Glad Game. Gratitude practices have become well-known in today's world; perhaps Eleanor H. Porter was prescient!