The Flaw in the Fabric (A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls, #1)

The Flaw in the Fabric (A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls, #1) - Jim T. Lindsey Overall score: 3.5/5 stars.Jim Lindsey's "The Flaw in the Fabric" was presented to me as historical fiction. Let's just say, right up front, that it is not. It's a modern-day paranormal thriller.His protagonist, Raymond Kidd, is a Buddhist living in a village near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kidd periodically has dreams that he is another man, living in the same village in the 19th Century. He is a reenactor who plays a character from that time period, and is somewhat down on his luck.Kidd eventually discovers that there are two ghosts (or, as they prefer to be called, lost souls) living in the basement of his home -- which is where they lived when they were alive. They need Raymond's help to get out of "the in-between," which is a real-world sort of purgatory.Thus begins a book that could only be described as confusing at times. Point of view changes from character to character without much warning, which sent me back to re-read several sections as I tried to puzzle out where the author had gone with his tale. The characters were a little bit two-dimensional in some cases and, frankly, the 20 or so pages that took place during the 19th C. were more interesting to me than the 250+ that took place in modern times. I had a hard time connecting with the characters overall.All of that said, the author's prose is quite eloquent. He draws images for us of the various locations that put you right into the action. I have to give him credit for knowing his craft in that regard. I just didn't like the characters enough to care what happened to them next in their lovely environment.Congratulations to the author on his win at the Global eBook Awards.