Bid for a Bride

Bid for a Bride - Ruth Ann Nordin Ruth Ann Nordin's "Bid For a Bride" starts with Lucy, the heroine, being "auctioned" off to the highest bidder by her bigamist husband. Except that there isn't really an auction; he just dumps her off in a little town outside Sioux Falls.Conveniently enough, the circuit judge is in town that day and can write an annulment for Lucy. Conveniently enough, there's a young man named Brian who's available to marry: none of the other women in town are interested, because he's blind. None of the men are interested in Lucy, because she might be carrying another man's child ... and Brian doesn't care, because he's adopted.The story carries on from there. Brian and Lucy make a nice life together with very little tension in the tale until toward the end of the book, when Lucy's sister comes to town. I don't want to deliver spoilers, so I'll leave it at that. The book went along quickly and was a nice enough read. There were several homophone errors (e.g., "broach" where "brooch" was meant, and likewise "stationary" for "stationery") that bothered me from an editorial perspective.Congratulations to the author on her win at the Global eBook Award.