Song At Dawn

Song at Dawn - Jean Gill Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars. "Song at Dawn" is the story of Estela de Matin, a would-be troubairitz (female troubadour) in the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine.Estela is quite literally found in a ditch, muddy and injured, with only her mandora (also called an oud) and a large white dog who will not leave her side. Of course, she has a secret -- which is revealed about midway through the book.Estela is taken under the wing of Eleanor's troubadour, Dragonetz, a former Crusader with no desire to return to the Holy Land. Instead, Dragonetz is obsessed with the idea of leaving service and running a paper mill. Having learned about paper during the Crusades, he is determine that each and every person should have access to all sorts of writing materials; paper would allow for that to happen and, in the process, wrest control of literacy from the Church.There are many twists and turns in the plot and many people are not quite what they seem to be at first glance. I found the characters to be well-drawn and interesting, and the overall story exceedingly well researched and presented.Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction.Congratulations to the author on her win at the Global eBook Awards.