Maya Lord

Maya Lord - John Coe Robbins "Maya Lord" is the engrossing story of two 16th C. Spanish shipwreck survivors who are enslaved by the Maya. Jeronimo, a friar, holds fast to his faith while Gonzalo, a sailor, can only be described as "going native."This book is based on real people and true events. Robbin has obviously researched the period, people and cultures about which he writes, but never comes across as pedantic or preachy. Instead, he seamlessly weaves facts and information into the mens' stories.The book spans almost twelve years, during which time Jeronimo and Gonzalo's circumstances diverge rather drastically before they meet again in the book's dramatic climax."Maya Lord" is not for the faint of heart, with its brutally accurate descriptions of warfare and human sacrifice. However, it shines a bright light on a fascinating culture and really should not be missed..Highly recommended.Congratulations to the author on being a finalist in the Global eBook Awards.