Thwarted Queen

Thwarted Queen - Cynthia Sally Haggard "Thwarted Queen" is the story of Cecily Neville (here spelled Cecylee, for reasons the author explains in her end notes), mother of Edward IV and Richard III.We start with Cecylee's girlhood and betrothal to Richard, Duke of York -- a match of political and economic alliances between the two families. Cecylee is not fond of Richard and even takes a lover. The author bruits the idea that Edward IV is the son of this lover, based on documented favoritism of York toward his second son Edmond, the Duke of Rutland.Cecylee is not always a sympathetic character (no great sin here; people seldom are), and her two-dimensional hatred of some of the other dramatis personae got on my nerves a little bit.I did enjoy the detailed look at life inside a royal household, and inside an abbey. Those were some of the highest points of the read for me. Rather, what jarred for me was the author's presumption that Tudor-era presentations of the entire house of York, including Richard III, must perforce be accurate descriptions of historical events.Recommended for historical fiction fans, as it is meticulously researched and well-noted.Congratulations to the author on being a finalist in the Global eBook Awards.