The Angry Woman Suite

The Angry Woman Suite - Lee Fullbright 3.5/5 Stars. Lee Fullbright's "The Angry Woman Suite" is the story of three generations of the Grayson family, each one holding its deep, dark secrets.The primary narrator and protagonist is Elyse, who is around 9 years old when the book begins. Unfortunately, she was difficult to connect with. I found the story of Aidan Madsen, a peripheral observer of the Grayson family's trials and tribulations, far more compelling and wished that there was more focus on him.In any event, Elyse tells the story of her abusive stepfather (those who have survived similar behaviors may find the book triggering) Francis, who in turn explains his misogyny by talking about how much he hates his mother (Magdalene) and her two sisters. Everything is always the fault of "those bitches," in Francis' eyes.Aidan is the town music teacher and an amateur historian. He decides to write a journal for Francis that explains much of how his family became what it was. Aidan's narrative is by far the most interesting part of the book.The book's title comes from a fictional series of portraits made of Magdalene, and much is made of a mysterious figure in the background of one of them -- despite it never being explained.It was an okay read, with some grammatical errors ("bone fide" instead of "bona fide," for example). Those who enjoy family sagas would probably like it.