Leon And Esther

Leon and Esther - Dorothy May Mercer "Leon and Esther" is the fictionalized biography of the author's parents. The book starts in 1919, with a very naive Michigander girl impregnated by rape. Esther, who we are informed has never been more than 10 miles from her home, somehow knows the term "burkha," though she has not graduated from high school ... and, in fact, drops out to marry Leon.Leon is the Sunday school teacher at church, and he believes that God has directed him to marry Esther -- which he does after three dates.The rest of the book is about their lives together, with excruciatingly detailed descriptions of meals and attire, up to the birth of their first child together. There is a whole lot of writing about what God expects people to do, God's will and so on. I found the book to be preachy in its style, which is unfortunate. Ir the author had focused more on the actual challenges of living in a rural part of the country during the early 20th Century, rather than what people wore and ate (to say nothing of God's will), it would have been a better book.Character development was a little thin. Leon is always big, strong and handsome; Esther is tiny, naive and apparently an elegant dresser with long, beautiful hair.There were two interior illustrations, one a period shot of Niagara falls and the other a couple clearly attired in modern dress. I wondered why the author did not choose to include period photographs of her parents in the story, or at least models in period attire.