Letters from a Bipolar Mother: Chronicles of a Fractured Life

Letters from a Bipolar Mother (Chronicles of A Fractured Life) - Alyssa Reyans It's kind of hard to quantify this book. Part of it is an outstanding look from the inside at bipolar disorder, and part of it is the author's way of making amends with her estranged family.Alyssa Reyans talks frankly about how her unmedicated illness affected her ability to make rational decisions, and how that ultimately led to her depositing her children with their father and moving to the Middle East. She shares how fractured her thinking and her life became as her rapid-cycling illness took her on a figurative roller coaster ride through life, and how she harmed herself and others as a result.As is often the case with mentally ill people, Reyans was herself harmed by others. However, there were also people around her who cared and helped her get to a place of safety and functioning, where she is today. This is one of a planned series of books in which Reyans unfolds her story and serves as an advocate for mental health patients. When we tell our stories, the stigma and shame disappear.Brava to the author.