The Weight is OVER!

The Weight Is Over! - Stacia Pierce, Roger Pierce I have a confession to make: I put off buying this book for a very long time. I've read a good many of Dr. Stacia Pierce's books, and this one was one I kept pushing off. I'd put my weight gain in the category of "things that happen when women get older." Ditto the pain I had when I took exercise. After all, the doctors told me that's what happened ... and that I should just eat less.Well, fast forward to May 2012 ... when all of my on-going symptoms turned out to be related to hypothyroidism. My physician put me on medication and I began the slow and sometimes painful (in both the literal and figurative sense) of regaining my physical health. Changing the way I ate is key (there are certain foods to avoid with my medical situation), and as the joint pain eased I could start taking exercise again.The day I ranted to my friends about how much the whole thing stunk on ice was the day I realized it was time to buy this book that I'd been looking at and deciding against for the better part of a year. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did it. Along with common sense diet and exercise advice, Dr. Stacia provides motivational ideas like cutting out photos of people with the body you want and pasting your face on them for inspiration. She also talks about learning to love your body where you are now, the importance of self-care, dressing the body you have and, perhaps most importantly, about her own struggles with weight loss.I purchased this book at the time that was right for me. Honestly, there were a few moments when I wished I had done so sooner ... but the old saying about "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" seems to fit in my case.If you are working on regaining your physical health, this little book may just be the extra boost that you need to keep going on a hard day. Highly recommended.