Rick Steves' Paris 2012

Rick Steves' Paris 2012 - Rick Steves, Steven Smith, Gene Openshaw I'm a big fan of Rick Steves' travel shows on PBS, so when we started planning our trip to London, Paris and Rome, I was delighted to add this guidebook to the stack.With well-delineated walking tours, restaurant recommendations that are off the beaten path, and some gentle good humor, this book is outstanding. The only thing I would have wished for was an explanation of which arrondissements housed a given attraction/site/restaurant (in the manner of Frommer's Paris 2012, which I also read in preparation for our trip). It would help greatly with organizing travel in and around the city. The arrondissement map included in the book does not help overly much.I did like the "survival information" on how to get around using the Metro and buses, pronunciation guides (although I studied French, it has been many years) and opinions on whether a given site was worth seeing if one has only so much time. Those are the sorts of places where many other guidebooks fall woefully short.Overall, this is a great addition to our library of knowledge for Paris and whetted my appetite greatly for our upcoming travels.