Dead Scared

Dead Scared - S.J. Bolton's "Dead Scared" takes place on the campus of England's prestigious Cambridge University. There have been a rash of unusually violent suicides among young women there, so DC Mark Joesbury recruits youthful-looking DC Lacey Flint to go deep undercover to see what she can find out.Flint works with psychologist Evi Oliver, whose patient list included several of the young women who died. Soon, though, both Flint and Oliver find themselves having peculiar dreams that feature their own phobias. Oliver even experiences some home invasions that the local constabulary deem student pranks.Also part of the picture is GP Nick Bell, who is one of the many Cambridge doctors who treat the student population. He seems to be overly involved in his patients' lives, to Lacey's eye ... including frequent visits to a survivor of one of the most violent suicide attempts.It's hard not to give out spoilers because this is such a complicated and gripping tale. Bolton has created an intriguing bunch of characters, the majority of whom are in danger a great deal of the time at the hands of the book's antagonists (and there are several). As Lacey becomes more deeply involved in the investigation, the danger to her increases exponentially ... which is pretty amazing given that the first chapter of the book sees her ready to jump from a roof at the university! I would highly recommend this book to any fan of UK police procedurals, or who enjoys a good whodunnit.