Whispered Beginnings ~ A Clever Fiction Anthology

Whispered Beginnings ~ A Clever Fiction Anthology - Linda Boulanger,  Luc Watelet,  Patrick Sipperly,  Cathy Collar,  Heather Davis,  Airicka Phoenix,  Patricia A. Hawkenson,  Laura Walton,  Lorenzo Porricelli,  Wayne Harris-Wyrick,  Rita Durrett,  Todd Naevestad,  Joshua A. Spotts,  Jaimey Grant,  Void Munashii,  MonaLe As I have a story in this anthology, my review applies to the other tales. I recuse myself from discussing my own work."Whispered Beginnings" is, as often happens with anthologies, a book with a great many levels of writing talent and a variety of genres contained therein. While some of the stories were not to my particular taste, the majority of them were very good and quite entertaining.Two standouts were Patrick Sipperly's "Write Me" and Jaimey Grant's "Eliza's Epiphany."This is a great way to discover some new writing talent and well worth investigating.