Dead Tease (Loon Lake Mystery Series) (Lake Loon Mystery)

Dead Tease (Lake Loon Mystery) - Victoria Houston "Dead Tease" starts off with the murder of an attractive young woman, committed by a man she's never met. Loon Lake Police Chief Lew Ferris and her boyfriend Paul Osborne (a forensic odontologist who used to be the town dentist) begin investigating. Why an odontologist is required when the victim is readily identified is beyond me ... and that is the place that the story first goes south for me.The "whodunnit" became ridiculously clear during the first third of the book. Now, in fairness, I read a great many police procedurals (along with majoring in forensic anthropology) and have a good eye for figuring out the mystery. It could just be me, as the old saying goes.There is also some Wisconsin-specific slang that is never clearly explained ("razzbonya" and "jabones," for example), which I had to work out from context.The book is a short read, at 174 pages. What's sad to me is that the story had so much potential and just fell short of the mark.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)