Mighty and Strong (Righteous Series #2)

Mighty and Strong - Michael  Wallace Jacob Christianson is a walk-away from a Millenialist polygamist cult (based on the LDS faith) in Utah. He's a young physician facing his student loan debt and has a young family to look after. When a girl from a rival polygamist sect takes it into her head that she will be Jacob's second wife, several unexpected chains of events are set into motion.Recruited by the FBI to get their agent out of the sect -- which she has joined as the Prophet's wife -- Jacob soon finds himself embroiled in politics, a faith that he has happily deserted ... and murder.This is a complex book that touches on politics, religion and sex (of the non-explicit variety) -- the three cocktail party no-nos -- in a way that keeps readers excited and interested. I finished most of the book in a single evening and completed it the next; I truly did not want to put it down.Highly recommended.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)