Cash In On Diversity

Cash In On Diversity - Susan Klopfer If I could make every employee in every company read this book, and every firm implement Susan Klopfer's recommendations, I would. That's how important this work is.Klopfer shows why diversity is more than just following EEO and affirmative action laws and having a GLBT, Latino or Asian Employees' Association. Diversity also means that all employees are treated with respect and there is no workplace bullying.Klopfer provides ways to examine whether a firm is managing diversity on more than the aforementioned superficial level, She also has an excellent appendix with more than just definitions of terms. For example, the entry on Islam talks about the history of the religion, the various sects and their beliefs and so on. There is some outstanding research in this book about issues ranging from mental illness and physical disability accommodations to ageism and a whole lot more.Having worked at a place that believed diversity was limited to ethnicity or sexual orientation and no other co-culture, I can say from first-hand experience that a book like this is needed and should be welcomed by all companies who want to do more than pay lip service to its concepts.