Digger's Bones

Digger's Bones - Paul Mansfield Keefe 3.5/5 starsPaul Mansfield Keefe starts with a great premise: an archaeologist is murdered at his dig site, and his assistant has all of the clues that will help figure out why. Said assistant goes to a disgraced former student of the archaeologist ... and is murdered while providing her with the information she needs.This is how the book begins. The plot is great, and the concept outstanding. We are taken to various sites throughout the Holy Land, Europe and the United States in the pages of this adventure, which has a very likeable heroine in the person of Angie Cooper.I was very excited to read this story, but often found my experience interrupted by editorial errors, sudden shifts from past to present tense, third person to omniscient, and homophone errors. The story is great, but an updated edition that corrects these problems would be most welcomed.I also saw the "whodunnit" coming for miles, but must give the caveat that I read a great many mysteries and it is hard to get one past me.Recommended for mystery fans, with the above caveats well in mind.