King Trevor

King Trevor - Susan Helene Gottfried Longtime readers of my reviews know that I'm a big fan of Susan Helene Gottfried's series about an East Coast heavy metal band. As someone who used to be in the business myself, I can tell you that these books are a realistic picture of the industry as well as being quite entertaining.The latest ShapeShifter novel brings us into the band's life after bassist Trevor Wolff's cancer treatment and subsequent collapse (as outlined in Trevor's Song). Trevor's usual bravado is a misguided attempt to disguise his depression.So, Mitchell Voss contacts his real estate agent uncle about finding an appropriate rehearsal space in town where the band can also have offices: enter, the slaughterhouse. Or, The Slaughterhouse, an abattoir that will be converted to the ideal space by a hot young architect.Who happens to be Mitchell's brother-in-law.Those who have read Susan Helene Gottfriend's books know that Kerry, Mitchell's wife, is estranged from her family. This is the book wherein we learn the reason.This book is not nearly so much about the band as it is about Kerri and her brother, Stevie. I had a hard time relating to the latter character, who seemed a little spineless for a successful architect. However, it was interesting to watch the development of the story and learn more about the band members.Nicely done.