The Other Side of the Window

The Other Side of the Window - Chloe Bierge Chloe Bierge's "The Other Side of the Window" is just the kind of book that we need today. It's the story of newspaper reporter Savannah Bloom, whose life is slowly taken over by obsessive-compulsive disorder. In her desperation to find a cure, Savvy is willing to try even the most hare-brained treatments recommended -- to her own detriment.Bierge's book is well-researched, including the most up-to-date pharmaceutical research on treatments for depression, OCD and other mental illnesses -- and their efficacy (or lack thereof). She brings all of this material together in a story with a three-dimensional heroine and a refreshingly frank presentation. So often, mental illness is a convenient way to create a villain or a comedic figure; thankfully, Bierge has resisted that temptation.I was drawn in to the story immediately and didn't want to stop reading. Highly recommended.