Losing Addison: Live the Nightmare

Losing Addison - Marty Beaudet "Losing Addison" is a psychological suspense novella. It was a quick evening's read, and one I enjoyed very much.Lester McCubbin, the narrator, awakes in a hospital. His head is bandaged, and he has a cast on his leg. He keeps asking the doctors about his twin brother, Addison, with whom he had gone on a lengthy car trip. They must have been in accident, he decides, but no one will tell him where his brother might be.As the action unfolds, we learn about the differences between Lester and Addison going all the way back to childhood. Between hospital chapters, Lester talks about things that happened while they were growing up.I cannot say too much more about this book without getting into spoilers, which I definitely do not wish to do. Suffice it to say that fans of the genre will find much to enjoy with Marty Beaudet's gem of a tale.