When Gods Die: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery

When Gods Die - C.S. Harris Because I enjoyed What Angels Fear so much, I put the entire Sebastian St. Cyr series on my to-read list. This is the second book in the series, although it would stand alone well enough.In this story, the Queen Square magistrate, Sir Henry, has one again asked Sebastian to assist him an investigation. The unpopular Prince Regent is found in a compromising position with the very young wife of an elderly marquis -- and the young lady is dead. She is also wearing a necklace that has particular meaning to Sebastian.Harris takes us once again into the world of the English Regency via characters both high-born and low-born. Her research is impeccable, and she creates a fascinating world framed with real-life events. As with the previous book, I did not see the "whodunnit" coming, and that is something of a rarity for me.Highly recommended.