Pursue Your Purpose and Live Your Dreams

Pursue Your Purpose and Live Your Dreams - Stacia Pierce I first discovered Dr. Stacia Pierce when a friend on Twitter "re-tweeted" one of her posts. Since then, I've used some of her life coaching tools, been on conference calls and so on.On a recent conference call, Dr. Stacia was talking about a program in which I really wanted to participate. Not being in a position financially to do the big program, I decided to acquire a couple of smaller coaching tools. This was one of them.This little book is a few years old now, and some of the materials I have reiterate the information therein. However, for the person who is new to life purpose work or is curious about it, it's a reasonably priced gem. There are concrete recommendation for ways to get started on improving your life and yourself. I have found that implementing even one idea makes a difference; finding several things to do *today* is a real help.Well worth the reasonable price, and a very quick read.