Pieces of a Rainbow

Pieces of a Rainbow - Maria Savva One of the things I love most about Maria Savva's writing is that readers can expect the unexpected. This anthology is no exception."Pieces of a Rainbow" is a collection of seven tales, each featuring a color found along the classic ROYGBIV spectrum. Sometimes it's a flower. Sometimes it's flame. Sometimes it's a character's name. The references tie the very different tales together.My favorite of the lot was "Envy," the green story in the set. It's a tale about differing perspectives of two people examining the same events.As always with Savva, the characters are well-drawn and the plots are compact. You get a full tale in a Maria Savva short story, with thought-provoking incidents and satisfying (if not always happy) conclusions.Also contains samples from Savva's novel, "The Dream," and a short story found in another anthology, "Fusion."