Love, God, and the Art of French Cooking

Love, God, And The Art Of French Cooking - James F. Twyman When author James Twyman takes his new lady friend to a bed and breakfast, he expects to start a more serious relationship. What he doesn't expect is that she will get mad at him, take the car and desert him. Nor does he expect to learn so much while sitting in the kitchen with B&B owner Roger Dufau while that gentleman cooks.Yet, that's exactly what happens. Twyman learns lessons about life and food in the process, as he discovers Dufau is a philosopher as well as a chef.The book shows us Twyman's personal growth as he decides to remain at the B&B rather than go home immediately. Under Dufau's tutelage, he learns a great deal about what he has been seeking ... and no small amount about food.Having experienced a similar journey as I took up French cookery, I was entertained and moved by this book. Highly recommended -- and not just for people who are interested in food.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)(Readers who would like to investigate my own journey with French cooking and life lessons are invited to check out 2010 Hindsight: A Year of Personal Growth, In Spite of Myself.)