Love, Truth & Freedom: The Power of Transparent Living

Love, Truth & Freedom: The Power of Transparent Living - Joyce Meyer I must confess to being a little disappointed in this particular CD set -- specifically because of Disc 3.On the other discs, Joyce Meyers delivers her usual straight-forward advice, always wrapped in her theological perspective. On disc 3, unfortunately, she demonstrates a disappointing lack of logic. Apparently forgetting that correlation does not equal causation, Meyer blames all of the social ills she can think of on removing mandated prayer from public schools and taking the Biblical Ten Commandments off the walls in those same institutions. She doesn't take into account that increased income inequality and other demonstrable socioeconomic factors have any impact; it's all about not forcing people to pray to one particular god. Never mind anyone's religious freedom. She also maintains that America has more inventions than China because "America is Christian and China is Buddhist." I am not kidding.I expect better from Meyers than this. Freedom of religion means freedom for all religions.