Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera

Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera - Vicki Hopkins Overall score: 4.25I don't recall how I came across Vicki Hopkins' blog, "Lessons from the Phantom of the Opera," but I read it for the better part of a year. This book consists of selected entries from that blog, along with what she calls "The View From Box 5" (a series of what I came to think of as study questions and, frankly, skipped even looking at after a while).Hopkins' essays cover a variety of topics. She emphasizes that she is not attempting to be scholarly or psychological in her interpretations of various symbols and events that she chooses to examine (e.g., the mask, graveyards, religion). However, she does have a few footnotes to indicate sourcing and shares some scholarly concepts. A great many of her references are from scriptures. While one may not agree with Hopkins' interpretations (several are based on scenes from the 2004 "Phantom of the Opera" movie, which not everyone liked), she does support her position well with evidence. I believe the essays would have been more powerful without the study questions, as the thoughts her essays provoked did not always go down the road of the questions she presented. Overall, a good job.