Le Chic Cocoon: 7 Steps to Creating Your Selfish Space

Le Chic Cocoon: 7 Steps to Creating your Selfish Space - Jennifer Duchene Many years ago, I attended a lecture by Dr. Freida Porat entitled "Positive Selfishness." I don't think I really grasped what she meant at the time; after all, we are taught from the cradle that to be selfish is a horrid, mean thing.After reading Jen Duchene's "Le Chic Cocoon," I get what Dr. Porat meant. Duchene's premise is that we all need to carve out a little space and time for ourselves -- and that the space should be beautifully reflective of who we are.Drawing on her experience as a designer as well as references from literature and science, Duchene shows her readers how to create both a mental and physical space that will improve their lives. The space can be as small as a corner with a chair or as large as a patio or room; she has information on how to do it from small through gigantic and any size in between. Interspersed with anecdotes, literature and resources, the design elements are made entertaining in a way that a more technical tome could not possibly hope to match.Highly recommended.