You Can Create an Exceptional Life

You Can Create An Exceptional Life - Louise L. Hay, Cheryl Richardson There are a great many people out there who look at what Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson have published here and say "What a load of hooey." I am not one of them.Hay and Richardson look at a variety of everyday issues and provide useful information and suggested affirmations/meditations for those situations. As we learn more about how our thoughts create our feelings, and how mindful meditations improve our lives, it's helpful to have some direction -- and this little book provides just that.The chapters are short, written in the form of conversations between Hay and Richardson with some narrative paragraphs in between. The meditations/affirmations contained in each chapter are collected at the end of the book and split out by category for easy reference.Highly recommended for those who are doing life purpose, self-improvement or similar work.