The Bobbsey Twins at Home

The Bobbsey Twins at Home - Laura Lee Hope One does begin to wonder why Mrs. Bobbsey lets the younger set of twins leave the house! Inevitably, one or both of them lose their way.In this story, the Bobbsey family returns from a visit to their uncle's farm. On the train, they meet Tommy Todd, one of the "fresh air" children from the city's poor. A charity organization takes these children to the country for some fresh air (hence the name). Of course, the Bobbseys befriend Tommy and their family goes about helping him and the grandmother with whom he lives.Of course, Freddie and Flossie (the younger Bobbseys) get into scrapes of all sorts ... but everything sorts out happily in the end.While "Merry Days Indoors and Out" (the first Bobbsey book) is a much-beloved childhood favorite, I did not care so much for this story. My overall rating for it is 3.5 stars.This is the original, early 20th C. manuscript; some adjustments for social mores is necessary for the reader.