The Way To Happiness

The Way To Happiness - L. Ron Hubbard A copy of this little book was left on our porch (I suspect that the Church of Scientology decided to paper our neighborhood, so to speak). In any event, I figured that I was out nothing by giving it a read.In this book, Hubbard outlines his 20 steps to happiness -- which feature such common sense ideas as living with integrity, being kind to one another, eating well and taking exercise. There's nothing new, revolutionary or even remotely controversial here.What I found interesting was the extensive footnotes defining words that I think of as common knowledge. One of Hubbard's keys to happiness is education, and he wanted to make sure that everyone understood the words he used that might be unfamiliar. He also recommended keeping a good dictionary to hand to look up new words regularly -- the book was originally written in 1981, in the days before the world-wide web -- and constantly learning. I could see nothing to argue with in his philosophy, but there was nothing new in it either.