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Unknown Book 12328877 - Unknown Author 878 K.F. Ridley's "The Curse of Yama" is a fantasy tale for the 'tween set. Twelve-year-old Chloe decides that it is up to her to unravel an ancient map and thus a curse that has fallen on her father and a friend.I had a hard time relating to Chloe initially. The book starts with her complaining that the family is going to India *again* (instead of Disney World) because a family friend has asked her archeologist father to help out with this map and the curse. I had to put myself into the mindset of my 12-year-old self who hated camping -- something that my family did at least two weekends out of the month in the summertime -- to see how this might be upsetting to a young person who would rather do something else.In any event, before too long the action takes us to the jungles of India and Chloe (with local youth Sotol) seeking the answers to the Curse of Yama, unleashed on her father because he translates the map's riddles from Sanskrit.The story is cute, with the kinds of elements that 'tween fantasy fans are sure to love. Some of the grammar constructions are awkward (e.g., passive voice and unusual word use like "Tumera informed" at the end of a quotation instead of "Tumera informed us.") Otherwise a decent read that is not too scary and that youngsters should like.